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Our Italian partners

  • CERIM the pioneer in Toe Lasting & Seat Lasting machines,
  • SABAL the pioneers in  Heel Nailing machines,
  • SAREMA the pioneers in Cementing machine & Heel Crowning machines,
  • GIOVI – the pioneers in Counter Molding, Toe Moulding mahcines,
  • MECVAL the pioneers in Sole stitching machines,
  • ATOM the pioneers in Cutting department,
  • SAGITTA the pioneers in cementing and folding machine and punching machines,
  • GALLI the pioneers in the leather goods industry,
  • BM the pioneer in Mignon folding machines,
  • COSMOPOL the pioneers in roughening machines and 
  • MARIO ANGELERI the pioneer in Cementing machines.

Our major customers are

South India

  • Althaf Shoes
  • BBK Leathers,
  • Bachi Shoes Ltd,
  • KH Shoes,
  • Farida Shoes,
  • Good Leather Shoes Pvt Ltd etc.

North India

  • Leayan Global
  • Alig Tannery
  • Virola
  • Nouva Shoe
  • Bharat Expo
  • ABC Leathers
  • Baggit

Exports made to countries

  • Bangladesh,
  • Tanzania,
  • Netherland &
  • Srilanka